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Lift, tone, and rejuvenate your look with the newest non-surgical facelift.

Emface Needleless Facial Toning | Basking Ridge, NJ

The launch of Emface revolutionized beauty treatment standards. It distinguishes itself from other facial contouring methods by being the first and only way to get a quick facelift without surgery. Men and women can look years younger without using fillers, toxins, needles, or going through pain.

Emface is a great solution for those wanting to get a facelift without going under the knife. Patients observe a refreshed, glowing complexion without an excruciating recovery time. Be one of the first to try it at Thrive Medspa in Basking Ridge, NJ. Book a free initial consultation by calling (908) 895-5680 to get your best skin yet!

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Benefits of Emface

This revolutionary treatment combines advanced radiofrequency (RF) and high-intensity facial electromagnetic energies to smooth wrinkles and contour the face. It also encourages the body to produce more collagen and elastin, two substances vital for luminous skin.

Patients enjoy a plethora of Emface benefits:

Emface Before and After*

Since Emface is a new treatment, prospective patients want to know what results they can expect from it. Our clients’ before and after pictures demonstrate stunning results. Each person’s face looks more youthful, toned, and tightened. They notice plumper and more defined profiles after Emface. But, like any cosmetic treatment, results differ per patient.* Get a remarkable outcome by choosing an experienced provider.

*results may vary

Understanding Emface

Emface is a non-surgical, filler-less solution for a toned face. It relies on radiofrequency energy to restore youth by giving a natural lift and smoothing out wrinkles. RF energy works with HIFES to trigger the body’s natural collagen and elastin production. These substances help keep the skin looking healthy, plump, and beautiful. Ready to sculpt your face without going under the knife? Emface may be your new best friend.

Emface Treatment Areas

Emface is a versatile beauty treatment that treats aging signs in the following:

Emface Results*

Most of our patients find great satisfaction with their Emface sessions and the excellent results they get. Over 90% of people noticed an improvement after Emface. They see an average of:

The majority of men and women only need four cycles to observe amazing results. But it usually takes 6-12 weeks of consistent cycles for full results to manifest. Individual results vary.*

Emface Cost

The cost of Emface differs for each patient depending on a number of factors:

Get a personalized quote for Emface facial toning by visiting Thrive Medspa or calling (908) 895-5680. Share your cosmetic expectations, and we will assess your facial needs. If you are a viable candidate for the procedure, we can devise an effective treatment plan that meets your budget and circumstances.

Visit Thrive Medspa for Facial Contouring

Thrive Medspa is thrilled to offer Emface facial lifting treatments in Basking Ridge, NJ. Men and women of all ages trust us with their cosmetic procedures. Our team prioritizes top-notch patient satisfaction and care. We ensure outstanding results by using innovative technologies and techniques.

Emface Near Me in Basking Ridge, NJ

Ready to say goodbye to wrinkles and hello to a nice lift? Try Emface at Thrive Medspa. We are the top provider of this new facial treatment in Basking Ridge, NJ. Call (908) 340-3350 to schedule a consultation and discover how this non-invasive treatment can rejuvenate your appearance.

Emface FAQs

How Long Does It Take to See Results?

Emface patients see instant results after their Emface session. Yes, you read that correctly—there is a noticeable improvement after one appointment. But you will enjoy greater improvement over 6-12 weeks. Keep in mind that everybody reacts to cosmetic treatments differently. So the exact length of time may vary.

Can I Use Fillers With Emface?

Cosmetic fillers and Emface can work well together. But you should consult a professional to learn how you can use both safely.

Can I Use Emface to Get a Snatched Jawline?

Many of our patients use Emface to sculpt their chin for a more defined jawline. The device has advanced muscle-contracting technology that strengthens the facial muscles to give a phenomenal definition.

Does Emface Lift the Eyes?

One of the best things about Emface is that it is a versatile treatment. In addition to toning your face, you can direct it to lift your eyes. Get a beautiful lateral eye lift sans needles, surgery, or downtime.

Is Emface Better Than a Traditional Facelift?

Traditional facelifts still have their place and purpose. They work incredibly well for skin tightening. But many prefer not to go through surgery and an extensive recovery period if they do not have to. And that is where Emface steps in! People can now achieve an attractive face without going under the knife. This means no permanent scars or marks!

Emface is an effective, safe, and painless method of lifting and toning your face. Since it takes only 30 minutes to complete, you can schedule it during a work break.


“Known him for decades. My family loves Dr. Sheppell. Very caring, knowledgeable, and a great doc for all ages.”


– Christine M.

“The doctor is knowledgeable, has good people skills, and listens patiently.”


-Millie G.

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